Applique Work Subtle Silks Casual Cottons
Fine needlework is carried out by small groups of women in nearby villages. This used to be a tradition amongst unmarried girls before leaving their family home. Now these groups of women count on this income to help support their families. Raw Silk threads are woven together in subtle colour ways. The different coloured threads are distributed amongst the weavers giving many private looms work. Some of the silks are hand painted by local artists. The Desert may be the inspiration of colour, but not all of the cottons are made in Rajasthan. Many villagers in central India benefit from working on handlooms. A tradition which is becoming difficult to survive.
Block Printing Vintage Textiles
Before printing begins each new motif is meticulously carved out of a wood block. Depending on which colours are requared, the process can be quite different. Natural ingredients are used to get the beautiful indigos, mustards, oranges and reds. Desert colours can be defined by the tribal costumes found across both Rajasthan and Gujrat. Embroidered caps, colourful threads, mirrors in multitude all reflect some aspect of village existance. Every day life is hard in the desert yet each blouse, each skirt and each shawl reflects the beauty and imagination these wanderers have within.